About KD's NOLA Treats

KD’s NOLA Treats is a home-based dessert catering company servicing New Orleans and all surrounding areas. Kim D., owner and self taught baker describes her passion for baking, “Growing up, I loved helping out in the kitchen.  Once I was able to bake on my own, I began baking cakes for my Grandmother.  It would always be a sweet surprise to her after a long day at work;  the sweet aroma of a homemade cake brought her so much joy and is a memory I will always cherish! It gave me the passion to discover more about baking.  My goal is to make tasty treats that only NOLA could offer, with Specialty Treats like Praline Mini Cakes, Praline Brownies, & Mini Cheesecakes, just to name a few.  My baking style is definitely family oriented, delicately prepared, using basic ingredients with the right amount of love.”

All treats are made from scratch and baked to order, using no preservatives or artificial flavoring.  This allows Kim to provide special attention to each dessert, while also guaranteeing each dessert’s freshness and remarkable taste!

Kim’s vision is to take her desserts back to the old days, as some would say, using basic ingredients such as butter, eggs, sugar, flour, and milk.  “My passion is all in the taste!  I love when people try my desserts and reminisce of old bakeries that are no longer here.”

Through her completion of the Family Leadership Training Institute, Kim was pushed by her team of Cohorts, Parent Leaders, and especially Dr. Freddye Hill, to follow her duty of giving back.  Along came Baking With A Purpose.  Baking with a Purpose is a hands on 2 hour baking tutorial that Kim hosts for kids, teaching baking skills, entrepreneurship, and the importance of finding your inner creative talents.  “I’ve been given the opportunity to touch people’s heart through my born given talent.  I want to inspire people to do the same!”