Baking with a Purpose at Southern Food and Beverage

Let’s make Cookie Cakes!

On Saturday June 12th, kids entered into the Southern Food and Beverage Museum to attend another session of Baking with a Purpose, this time to make Cookie Cakes!

Chocolate chip cookies are definitely a favorite and when made into a cake, it’s even better!  Who could resist a slice?  Certainly not these kids!  Let’s just say I was super impressed by the skills these kids had in the kitchen.

The entire class was all too familiar with baking.  Some of them still uses box mix while others have advanced to baking from scratch and even doing test kitchens to perfect a baked good.

We even had a return student, Chaye!

Matthew baked cookies before, even a cake, but never a cookie cake!  So you could imagine his excitement!

Baking with a Purpose at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Matthew and KD

Matthew’s been cooking and baking for some years now, so he was all too familiar with the steps and processes of baking (prepping, mixing, and decorating).  Matthew showed us pictures in his phone of desserts and food he makes at home, like brownies, cakes, lasagna and more.


Baking with a Purpose at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Taylor and KD

Taylor made a charcoal colored frosting while making the glaze.  She handled her baking with grace, hardly needing any help, taking charge in the kitchen!  I was so impressed!! The directions led her through the steps to make her very own Cookie Cake decorated with charcoal frosting and sprinkles.

Baking with a Purpose at Southern Food and Beverage

Chaye and KD

Chaye really impressed me with her piping skills.  She used blue buttercream to pipe little flower like designs around the edges of her cookie cake & topped with sprinkles.


Mikaela and KD

Mikaela is my daughter. She’s been in the kitchen with me since she could remember.  She always been my helper.  When asked what she’d like for dessert, she’d more than likely say Sopapilla Cheesecake.  She makes it all the time at home and even in a Baking Class.  It’s such a rich, delicious dessert.  Get the recipe here.

Baking with a Purpose

Tramia and KD

I met Tramia while hosting a Baking Class at YEP.  She showed an interest for baking and learning and since then have been working closely with me to learn different parts of running a business.  She came to this class to assist me and the kids but ended up making a Cookie Cake of her own!


The next Baking With a Purpose is scheduled for Saturday, July 31st.  Sign up to reserve a seat!




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