KD’s NOLA Treats at Nesbit’s Poeyfarre Market, Downtown New Orleans

Celebrating 3 years at Nesbit’s!

We’re Celebrating 3 Years in Nesbit’s Poeyfarre Market!!

Kim Dejan, Owner of KD’s NOLA Treats & Nick Nesbit’s of

Nic Nesbit was our first wholesaler to believe in the Praline Brownie. After contacting him to try a sample, Nic opened his doors and customers to KD’s Praline Brownies & Creamy Praline and the response has been overwhelming!

From day one, our Praline Brownie, has been a hot item, selling fast at any outdoor event we take part in, Audubon Soul Fest, Laplace Andouille Fest, & Satchmo Fest.

So when we saw the need for people to get them fast, we knew wholesale was the way to go. People love to convenience of grab & go, so we scoped out local grocery stores to carry out Treats and Nick was the first on board. We are thrilled that folks love our Treats!  With three convenient locations in downtown New Orleans, people have the ability to shop around or grab their favorite Treat by KD’s NOLA Treats.

Stop by today at one of their three locations and support local business!

333 Magazine St.  

301 Julia St.

925 Poeyfarre St.

Nesbit’s Poeyfarre Market

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