Hurricane Ida

Due to Hurricane Ida, we are temporarily closed and unavailable to take catering or shipping requests at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Although we expect to be back serving you delicious desserts very soon, the expected date is not available as we wait on power restoration.  To inquire about a future event, please click here and complete an inquiry form.

Kim Dejan Owner of KD's NOLA Treats

A message from Owner Kim Dejan:

Hurricane Ida was a Category 5 when it made landfall in New Orleans causing massive destruction, this time by way of wind.  Occurring on the exact same date as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida has many similarities.  Being a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, it feels like déjà vu.  Where Katrina caused heavy flooding like never before, Ida’s devastation to New Orleans was caused by never before seen wind damages.  While both storms caused evacuations, devastations, power outages and displacement for long periods of time, it was Ida’s wind damage that tore through New Orleans at speeds of 150 mph.  Heavy winds destroyed signs, trees, monuments, power lines and homes.  New Orleans main source of power came from a massive Entergy tower that fell and left the entire city powerless.

Unfortunately, Hurricanes don’t come with a post storm survival kit.  We are told what we will need to survive a Hurricane but we are left clueless on when normalcy will return.  For now, there’s an uncertainty of when power will be restored that leaves business owners like myself in limbo.  My Company thrives off of catering, events, festivals, and pop ups.  This entire year has been a world wind for food entrepreneurs but one thing about New Orleanians, we are resilient!  We don’t give up or back down.  We have the power and tenacity to weather any storm.  When we return, we return bigger and better for the love of our city, people, and culture. Storms are temporary but New Orleans is here to stay.  My hopes are that I can soon return to my home to get back to what I do best, BAKE MEMORIES!

Want to help?

Here are some local organizations doing an amazing job to help residents recover, feed people in need and provide people with supplies, water, ice, etc.

Krewe of Red Beans

NOCHI – Type “Ida Relief Initiatives” in the Additional Comments Box

World Central Kitchen

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