A Sweet Victory: KD’s Nola Treats Shines at Sugar Bowl Tailgate Event

The vibrant city of New Orleans recently played host to the Sugar…
Beignet Tower by KD's NOLA Treats

Sweet Memories: The Beignet Tower Extravaganza at Weddings

At weddings, every detail is crafted to perfection, aiming to…
KD's NOLA Treats - Butter Rum Bread Pudding

NOTCF 2023 Gala at the Sugar Mill

On January 14, 2023 NOTCF held its first ever Gala to honor…

🍪✨ Let’s Bake Up Some Joy: Cookie Day Recipe Inside! 🎉🍪

Happy Cookie Day! 🍪🎉 To add a sprinkle of sweetness to…
thanksgiving cupcakes

Thanksgiving Fun: Let’s Cook Up Memories in the Kitchen!

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Kim Dejan, Owner of KD's NOLA Treats

From Pie Fiasco to Perfection: My Sweet Potato Pie Journey

In the early days of my culinary adventures,…
kd’s nola treats praline

Sweet Success!

Hello, dessert lovers and festival-goers! We have some incredible…
FAB Conference 2023

FAB Conference: Women in Business

KD was awarded a scholarship to attend the 2023 FAB Conference…
KD's NOLA Treats at Treme Creole Gumbo and Congo Square Rhythms Festival

Treme Creole Gumbo and Rhythms Festival

We were thrilled to participate in Treme Creole Gumbo and Congo…
Kim Dejan and Mikaela Dejan at Moonlight Market (Crescent City Farmers Market Fundraiser)

Moonlight Market

On April 20th, KD's NOLA Treats participated in the Moonlight…