Kim enjoyed baking in her teenage years and later found it to be therapeutic while in college and working incorporate.  A desire for desserts led Kim to open a Dessert Company, allowing her to quit her accounting job and pursue entrepreneurship. Through the completion of The Family Leadership Training Institute and with the help of Dr. Freddye Hill, Kim was compelled to start a program to inspire youth with her story. In 2016, Kim created  Baking With A Purpose, a hands-on baking tutorial, teaching kids and teenagers how to bake from scratch. Baking With A Purpose allows kids to be creative in a safe space with others.   This baking program advocates opportunities for kids to explore their strengths and interests through baking, critical thinking, problem-solving, planning, and entrepreneurial activities that help teens successfully and productively transition to adulthood.




Southern Food & Beverage Museum


April 30, 2022