Adapting to Change

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most challenging moments of all time.

People have suffered may affects, whether fighting their own battle through it, burying a loved one, or putting their lives at risk daily to provide their services to us, being laid off, the list goes on.  Through all it’s uncertainties, I’m sure we can all attest to the impacts it’s had on our lives.

I’m a home baker.  I run my pastry company mostly from my kitchen. Pre-pandemic it seemed like those were the days when I’d awake, drop my daughter off at school and create the day ahead, usually involving a quick gym session, an iced coffee and a list in my mind that never seems short.  Store runs, uploads, handling finances, purchasing supplies, scheduling posts, printing labels, are just a small piece of the entrepreneurship pie.  It’s as if I have a mental to do list that lengthens by the hour.

New Orleans is known for its food, music, and culture.  People travel from all over the world to experience the many things New Orleans has to offer.

All industries are struggling from it’s financial hit.  In New Orleans, an immediate halt was put on events and social gatherings.  Businesses were forced to abruptly close and rethink a new method of “service”.  Signs went up, masks went on, statewide changes went into affect to handle the challenges at best.  The phrase “It seemed just like yesterday when” has now become “will we ever get back to normalcy?”

For the food industry, adapting to prepackaging , shipping configuration, social distancing, proper cleaning measures, and other best practices would be considered minimal to what the people of this country have endured.  I’m pleased to know when people order my desserts, they will soon experience a moment of joy.  I’ve been told that my desserts can make a person’s mood change, especially when it reminds you of the “good old days” where we worried less and enjoyed life more.  When we return to that, we should never take it for granted again. XO ❤️ KD

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